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I am Hernan Garcia and I welcome you to my Website where you can find information about the world of CPA Marketing.

My main objective in this page is to generate and provide training material of the different technologies and updated information about the CPA Marketing. For this reason, you will also find tutorials on bookstores that you have decided to learn, and thus help each other to understand them better.

As much as possible, I will also try to develop sample applications that make use of the different ways of doing online marketing or technologies that explain the process. You can also find articles related to development in general, or the particular development to monetize a website.
  1. CPA: Cost Per Action
    CPA: Cost Per Action
    Cost per action (CPA) is a way that ads are charged that allow you to pay only for the actions a person takes as a result of viewing your ad. ... For example, the advertiser may want to control how much he pays on average for clicks on the link, instead of paying for impressions (CPM).
  2. CPC: Cost Per Click
    CPC: Cost Per Click
    The cost per click is the amount of money or sum of money that a certain advertiser pays to the search engine in which he has contracted the services, by a click on the advertisement. The main search engines are Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  3. CPL: Cost Per Lead
    CPL: Cost Per Lead
    The CPL (cost per lead) is the cost to pay for getting a lead or potential client. That is, a user becomes a lead or potential client when in his visit he provides enough information to be able to become a potential client.
  4. CPS: Cost Per Sale
    CPS: Cost Per Sale
    CPS or cost per sale is a payment method of online advertising. In this mode, the advertiser pays a percentage or a fixed amount each time a sale or conversion is made on their website.

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