How Does CPA Marketing Work?
  1. Cpa, The Strange but Lucrative Way to Earn money
    Cpa is a strange but very lucrative way to make money through the Internet. There is very little information about Cpa, but the reality is that many people are making money, some even several thousand dollars. But…
  2. What is CPA?
    Cpa is Cost per action, and unlike traditional affiliate offers, where you earn a commission alone and only if the sale of a product or service is made, with CPA you earn money even without that happening, simply by completing a landing page, a survey, put a zip code, download some mobile application and more. There are companies that use the Internet as a means of sales and are willing to pay to reach their customers, this is where you enter. You become a promoter, but not a salesperson. That is to say, you will put within reach of the target clients, the mechanisms so that the company contacts them and thus, they can sell their products or services to them. Therefore, you offer forms to be filled out, offers, free tests, etc; in exchange for a juicy commission. These offers are usually a few cents of dollars, up to more than 30 dollars to complete it, where in most cases, not even the visitor must buy something for you to earn a commission. Making money with Cpa can be very easy if you know how to apply it very well.
  3. Examples of Earnings with CPA
    First, let's compare to know what you can earn. Imagine a Clickbank product that sells for $ 47, and that gives you a commission of $ 20. If you take 1,000 people highly interested, and you get at least 2 sales, multiplied by the 20 dollars of commission, make a total of 40 dollars Now, coming back, let's take an offer that pays 2 dollars to complete it (no credit card required), with the same 1,000 highly interested; and as they are interested let's say only 30% leave their data, we would be talking about 300 people that multiplied by the 2 dollars would be 600 dollars. Note that for this example only 1,000 interested people have been sent, however, I am sure that if you want to make real money you will send thousands of people, which will generate thousands of dollars. For example, Facebook allows you to segment by countries, ages, interests, and others; even if they access from mobile phones; I say this last because you can promote offers to install very good mobile applications with the right audience, also add viral traffic, where you win even more easily.
  4. How Does Cpa Work?
    There are the simple offers where the visitor simply leaves his e-mail, telephone number and sometimes also his name through a form; On the other hand, there are more complex offers where the visitor must complete their room address, including their zip code and name, must subscribe to a service on the website or make a purchase of something. Where in the simple offers, it is simply looking to have contact with the prospective client, so that the company is responsible for closing the sale, being able to oscillate the commission between 0.2 to 10 dollars (maybe a bit more luckily) while in the offer complex, it is somewhat more aggressive and it is intended that the visitor directly make the purchase of a product.
  5. How do CPA Companies Pay?
    Cpa companies usually pay for Paypal, also with Payoneer (it has been in charge of making alliances with these companies), with bank transfer, check and other forms; everything will depend directly on each company, and in some cases on the agreement you make with the account executive.
  6. Difficulty Entering CPA Offers
    Entering an offer Cpa can sometimes be a bit difficult, because some years ago, cheats and scam artists started using robot, proxies / vpn and other tools to complete offers and make money cheating, which these companies reinforced your system, to prevent this from happening and not lose your advertisers. Likewise, in much of the networks you need to pass a test in advance, where you must answer some questions about yourself, such as what you do, how you plan to promote, how much you plan to send traffic and other related. For the most part, I have personally spent talking directly with the account executive on Skype, good "chatting" with the help of the translator since I do not speak English fluently.
  1. Tips to be accepted in CPA networks
    More than tricks these would be techniques that have allowed hundreds of entrepreneurs to be accepted in the CPA networks, they are not obligatory and some have been approved without fulfilling them; they are simply recommendations:
  2. 1-.
    Create your own website with original content, with your own domain (no blog or free sites). Ideally, if your site is in Spanish, the networks where you enter are in Spanish or if you create it in English you can enter into networks in English. I personally have this site in Spanish, and I have been able to accept it in most of the networks, since those in English, I emphasize that I have experience and can easily attract traffic from multiple advertising companies. However, for some offers, I had to create a site in English.
  3. 2-.
    -. If you speak English fluently (in case the network is in English), you can dare to call directly, to express your experience in marketing, advertising, business online, websites, social networks and everything relevant to the subject. With this, you will corroborate that he is a normal person of flesh and blood and not a robot; that you are a good "prospect" to be part of that network.
  4. 3-.
    Starting with small networks, large companies may be very demanding due to their entire trajectory, experience and that they already have thousands of clients; however, small networks are less demanding; You can start with these to get experience and have vouchers to offer to the big ones about your experience in this market, since some companies can request it. Cpa offers do not work for all countries Although you can practically belong to any network no matter where you live, you can not promote offers to all countries. It informs you which countries you can promote and which ones you can not, you must be very careful since not following this rule can make you lose from your own account as money.
  5. Conversion Pixels in CPA Networks
    One of the things I like most about these networks, is that unlike affiliate systems, most allow you to enter conversion pixels, in order to know which advertising campaigns are working for you and which are not; for example the own facebook has pixels of conversion, for with it to know enter the campaigns, how many sales you have obtained for each one. Imagine that you are advertising in the company "A", "B", "C", "D" and "E", investing in each 20 dollars a day, and in each you have 5 campaigns that vary between the title, image , description, interests, countries and more; How would you know which is more profitable? and what is giving you losses? simply with the tracking pixel; if for example you check that in company C or in some campaign you are generating greater benefits, you could simply focus all your investment on it, and with it you would automatically increase your profit (it's just a matter of numbers).