Affiliate Marketing
One of the goals that every person who undertakes a web project is the fact of monetizing it. That is, trying to get some benefit or economic performance. And is that today there are many methods and many ways to monetize a web page or a blog.

That is why today we are going to make a summary of the main terms that you should know as a previous step before getting into a company that offers you the possibility of obtaining the performance we are talking about in these lines.

What is the CPC?

Currently, there are many companies, although within this group Google AdSense is the best of them all, which allow you to get a good income from the clicks that readers can do on the banners you insert.

But, to take into account what are the banners and the keywords that are best for you to use, it must be said that the CPC is the parameter that we have to consider the most. And is that the CPC is nothing but the cost per click of each visitor in a particular banner.

In other words, and in essence, the CPC is what you are going to pay for each click that banner receives. It is a parameter to take into account because the higher the income you can get. It must be said, to complete the information, that the CPC can vary depending on the keyword, the sector, the investment made by the companies, the country and the time of year. That is why it is something that we have to continually be aware of if we want our project to move forward.

What is CPM?

To talk about the CPM, it is necessary to previously define what an impression is. And it is that an impression is the visualization of a certain announcement within a web page or a blog.

Having said that, we can already say that the CPM is the cost per thousand impressions. That is, what you will generate revenue per thousand views of a particular ad.

The problem with this system is that it is only profitable for websites that have a lot of traffic since practically any company pays very little for this monetization option. In addition, and honoring the truth, all companies have their own system of measurement and accounting of impressions since some take it from different IPs and other parameters.

What is the CPL?

The CPL is nothing other than the cost per lead or, what amounts to the same thing, the cost per record that you generate. It must be said that when we talk about registration we are talking about the action from which one of your readers sends the data to a certain company through a contact form.

This is what a leader would be and, as in the other alternatives above, it must be said that the cost varies greatly depending on each company and each campaign since an insurance company is not the same, which, starting from A lead can generate a lot of income than the registration for a game blog, for example.

That is why it is a risky alternative unless you have a website with a lot of traffic.

What is the CPA?

The CPA helps us to name the cost per share or, what is the same, the cost of a sale already made. In other words, to understand each other, it is what is going to be paid as a commission when a visitor to our website makes the purchase of a specific product.

As you can imagine, as in the previous cases, the variety of companies, here are almost endless, and the variety of products makes it necessary to weigh the pros and cons and study all options before opting for this method. It is true that it is, by far, the one that makes the most gains per share but, of course, it is also one of the most complicated to achieve.

To make a final note, we must say that the most advisable, especially when we do not have much experience or when we want to have a long-term blog is the option to earn money from clicks. From there, and when we have a lot of experience and we are able to make a good SEO strategy that allows us to create quality content and make the customer buy on our site, it is clear that the option to charge per share is the most benefits will give us.
Affiliate Marketing